Step out of the bubble

This blanket has a story of its own. I do believe in healing powers of everything that you do with your own hands. To me it is the crochet, helps me be mindful, appreciate the action and stop for a moment, step out of the bubble.  What does it mean to you? joksa 1 joksa 2 joksa 3 joksa 4


6 thoughts on “Step out of the bubble

  1. Everything you say! Creating with my hands allows me to leave the stressful world of engineering at work and produce things that I and my receivers get pleasure from.
    It also keeps my fingers out of the biscuit tin in the evening!

  2. Knitting and crocheting mean everything to me. I can honestly say they complete my life. They give so much to me. More than any finished object gives to the recipient. Some days I cannot wait to get home from work just to get back to working a bit on my crocheting or knitting.

    I very much enjoy your postings about your crochet. Your photographs of your work are especially beautiful.


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