Colorful, vivid garland

Uplift yours spirit and the spirit of loved ones. Fanny one hour project!

garland front

This is what you need: scraps of yarn, crochet hook, scissors and needle. I am quite certain that you have a lot of scraps lying around. Am I right? Use them to make a nice wrap for a present, to tie the curtain, decorate fireplace, brightened your home…..

I used cotton yarn and a 3mm hook.

garland gift

So let’s get going. Tutorial is written in US terms.

Chain 4, slip stitch to make a ring and chain 1. Make 6 single crochets in the circle. Join with a slip stitch. Like in picture 1.

Ch 4 (picture 2), work tr2tog (Treble Crochet two stitches together). Don’t panic! It’s easy. Yarn over the hook TWICE.  Pull trough two loops. Yarn over the hook again, pull over two loops. Don’t finish the stitch. Start another incomplete treble crochet (picture 3).

prva cetiri

When you have three loops left, pull the yarn trough them (picture 5). Chain 4 and slip stitch in the same stitch. One petal done.  Slip stitch to the next single crochet. Repeat 5 times. Sl st to the base of the first petal.You’ve finished your flower!! Isn’t it lovely?

druga cetri

Now finish off the loose ends. Make as much flowers as you like to make a garland. For this mini garland, I use 10.

crochet garlandina

It is time to make the garland. Ch 20, use the back loop of the middle tr2tog’s  from one of the petals and join the flower with a sc, *ch 20, join in the next flower*. Repeat * to *, then ch 20, cut your yarn and pull it through.


Enjoy! Share yours!


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