When I started designing this blanket I didn’t have a clear idea of what I was going to do. This design simply unfolded as I worked.

popcorn insta

I just wanted something different and elegant. What do you think?

crochet g





Oh, Scraps!

There is nothing worse than wasted material! Do your scraps just piling up? Well, it’s time to use all of those little bits of yarn and bring them into play.

granny square circle

I decided to make a warm, cozy, colorful blanket with all my leftover yarn. This is an official announcement (in case I change my mind). Follow my progress. I would love to follow yours. #crochetyarnyoga

granny square circle1

granny square circle2

How to finish what you started?

Getting to the point where you’re ‘almost done’ can be both thrilling and cause of anxiety. Yes, I’m nearly there, so close to being done and simply can’t get motivated. How I overcome that feeling?

crochet flower

The end vision is slipping so I just need to bring it back in sight, visualize it!

Tracking the progress helps me understand how I’m doing.

Promise to all my blog readers that I’m going to finish it till certain time!

solid square 1

How do you motivate yourself to finish a project that’s almost done?